Chasing the Burning Skies

Slicing Through

Slicing Through The 63rd day of Autumn 1937d3

“We have suffered a terrible ordeal, but as Pelor’s light shines upon us this day, we give thanks for our very lives. The Raven Queen has taken our brothers and daughters, our sons and mothers, our family and friends, we know that they are safe and at peace. The terrors of the night have passed, but we are a strong people, and we will persevere.”
                    Father Kayrel of 4th Crossing
                        After the Burning Skies
Everyone watches the river overtake the town as the first rays of morning light shine down. Urikka takes Talfryn, and the two scavenge through Faru’s ruined shop. They salvage some food and supplies for the townsfolk but little of real value. Some of the townsfolk begin to follow suit. Mithras sits in prayer with Father Kayrel and some townspeople. Chira speaks with Rowan about the strange events of the night. Lin slips off to the woods alone. After the prayers, Mithras speaks privately with Father Kayrel about the dreams that he has had, bit they are soon disturbed by Lin’s cries of help from the woods.
In the forest Lin looks at the old sword in her hands. She had seen it many times as a young girl in the old knight’s tomb, but now it was so strange. It hardly felt like steel, the amber and red whorls on the blade moved. She thought of her lost friend as she moved through her forms. The blade felt light and quick in her hands and with a swing she felt it bite into the air. A silver slice hung in the air before the forest beyond fell away like a curtain. A billow of heat and light broke through from the tempest that raged on the other side.
Somehow the blade sliced into the Elemental Chaos. Lin looked for a few moments and then a small beetle with brown and green markings skittered out of the passage. It moved toward her and spat a mass of viscous burning ichors all over her. She struck at it, but still it advanced. Another beetle, with blue and black markings came through and she yelled for help. A third insect with red markings came and she feared for her life as she tried to fight them all off. 
Rowan heard the cry first, but soon everyone was running for the trees. There they found Lin in grave danger as the beetles swarmed her, but then a cyclone of flame came through and whirled around searing everyone with its heat. A galeb duhr came through and struck at the warriors as well. The six had a tough fight against the elemental beasts, but fortunately the portal closed soon and Father Kayrel’s late, but ultimate arrival allowed them to succeed. 
The group returned to the chapel with Father Kayrel to discuss the sword and their next move. The father organized the townsfolk and sent them off to the nearby hamlets and farmsteads for aid. Everyone else discussed how best to study the sword. It was decided that after a rest they would all try again, together.
Around midday, Chira and Lin explored the forest looking for ritual components. Mithras aided Father Kayrel with the townsfolk. Talfyrn, Urikka, and Rowan went south to find a good place to experiment with the sword. In the late afternoon they all met up and traveled south to a small canyon in the hills. There they make camp and wait for the morning light.



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